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By John Eckhardt; Dwight Triche

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By John Eckhardt; Dwight Triche

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CURSING Gossip, Blasphemy, Criticism, Backbiting. GLUTTONY Nervousness, Compulsive eating, Frustration, Idleness, Self- pity, Depression. GRIEF Sorrow, Heartache, Heartbreak, Crying, Sadness, Isolation. CARNALITY Control, Envy, Jealousy, Fantasy, Pride, Lust. DEMONIC CHAINS A chain is a series of things linked, connected, or associated together (Webster's Dictionary). Demons link together to form demonic chains. There may be more than one demonic chain in an individual. Each chain has a number of spirits with different ranks of authority.

AUTOMATIC WRITING Automatic writing is a spiritualistic term used to describe phenomena occurring in seances when a writer is said to be controlled by the spirit of a dead person. The writing may occur in a trance, in sleepwalking, in a waking condition influenced by suggestion, or under abnormal nervous conditions. This form of writing was formerly used as a means of divination. Modern spiritualists have used the planchette and Ouija board as instruments. Mirrored or reversed writing reads from a reflection.

Destruction of the finances (spirits of poverty, lack, debt, financial failure). • Destruction of the body (spirits of sickness, infirmity, disease, plagues). • Destruction of the marriage (spirits of Ahab, Jezebel, arguing, fighting, separation, divorce). • Destruction of the family (spirits of death, accidents, rebellion, alcohol, strife, Ahab, Jezebel). Curses come as a result of God's divine justice—recompensing the iniquity (perversion) of the fathers into the bosom of the children in the form of curses, causing sorrow of heart, and opening the door for evil spirits giving them the legal right to persecute and destroy by carrying out and perpetuating their evil devices in the lives of those under curses.

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