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All propagation reactions of unsaturated monomers are exothermic because two single bonds are stronger than one double bond. At temperature lower than Tc, this negative AH offsets the entropy change of propagation; the overall free-energy change for propagation is negative, and polymerization proceeds spontaneously. At temperature higher than T c, the positive entropy term — T A S eventually becomes greater than the AH term, and AG becomes positive; therefore, polymerization to form a high molecular weight polymer is impossible.

Therefore, i e (df) and ix (df) accompany ie (dr) or lx (dr), h = 4 weA* eE + qDe(dnJdx), (4-36) lx = qnxpxE - qDx(dnx/dx), (4-37) where D e and Dx are the diffusion coefficients of the electron and ion, respectively. The first terms in Eqs. (4-36) and (4-37) correspond to i e (dr) and lx (dr), respectively, and the second terms represent ie (df) and ix (df), respectively. In plasma, nt = n-x = n0; hence, ie = qn0peE + qDe(dn0/dx), (4-38) i, = qn0pxE - qDx (dn0/dx). (4-39) These two equations can be mathematically simplified using the condition h + h=U and, by eliminating E, we obtain ie = _il_ , M i l M ^ .

6. Y. , Vol. 4. Kinda i Kagaku-sha , Tokyo , 1979. CHAPTER 5 Fundamenta l Aspect s of Polymerizatio n Although the formation of polymeric materials in plasma is customarily termed plasma polymerization, the term polymerization that applies to many conventional methods of polymer formation does not exactly describe the actual processes that occur in plasma polymerization. It is therefore necessary to review some fundamental aspects of polymerization before one can discuss the mechanisms of formation of polymeric materials in plasma.

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