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By Errey M.

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Книга enterprise Vocabulary in Use (Elementary) company Vocabulary in Use (Elementary)Книги Бизнес книги Автор: invoice Mascull Формат: pdf Издат. :Cambridge Страниц: one hundred and five Размер: 19 Мб Язык: Английский eighty five (голосов: 1) Оценка:Business Vocabulary in Use straight forward follows an analogous winning technique because the attempted and proven In Use vocabulary and grammar books, with vocabulary presentation and clarification at the left-hand web page and perform at the right-hand pageThe booklet contains a few thematic sections together with paintings, time, funds, items, providers; and talents devices together with numbers, telephoning, emails and faxes, conferences and displays.

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In particular written for six- to 9-year-olds, this dictionary comprises 800 phrases geared up into 50 subject matters and is derived whole with songs and chants via Carolyn Graham. subject matters are chosen to entice this age variety and CDs comprise all of the vocabulary, mini-dialogues and songs/chants.

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89 This computer comes _ _ _ _ a two-year guarantee covering all parts and service. 90 The new movie’s style was compared _ _ classic movies from the 1940’s. 91 Compared _ _ _ _ last year’s sales, this year’s sales were quite good. 92 The job consists _ _ serving customers and checking stock. Do you think he can do it? 93 We’ll contract some of the work _ _ _ to other companies. 94 Factors such as good training and hard work contributed _ _ the company’s success. 95 He wanted to leave work early, so he cooked _ _ a story about visiting a sick aunt.

His comments went down very well with women, of course. The new designs went down badly with their customers and sales fell. go for (informal) go back go back to sth The cost of airline tickets is going down because of the competition from budget airlines. A company will fail if it allows the quality of its products to go down. ✍ go for sth  see also: opt for, pick out go for go for sth The apartment next door went for about $500,000 a year ago, so how much do you think this one will go for? We need to know how much the land would go for if we sold it.

12 Let’s go to a coffee shop. I’m dying _ _ _ a nice hot cappuccino. 13 Many animal species are dying _ _ _ as their habitats are being destroyed. 14 My dog could smell the bone buried in the garden and used his paws to _ _ _ it up. 15 Leila has decided to dip _ _ _ _ her savings to buy a new computer. 16 Has the nuclear power industry worked out how to safely dispose _ _ nuclear waste yet? 17 We’ll divide the profits _ _ equally among all the investors. 18 There’s a problem with our network and we have to do something _ _ _ _ _ it now.

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